on satire

// in response to this work's criticism of satire (which btw, one of the best examples of multi-media, internet storytelling i've seen)

I think it's useful. 

- As a device that introduces unpalatable topics in an engaging way
- As a general mindset / attitude that values and propagates close observation and dissent, characteristics that I think are critical to members of society. It encourages a certain wakefulness.

Agreed that on important issues, the buck can't stop there. Action is required. But I think satire can be a gateway to serious declarations and action. Think about the soapbox Jon Stewart built for himself. 

I think criticism becomes dangerous and futile if it seeps into your outlook so much that you are no longer motivated to overcome difficulty. Criticism is mistaken as an action in itself and can make one feel comfortable, superior and resolved in one's pessimism.

But i think that is the difference between cynicism and satire.

Not to mention a world without satire sounds hella boring.