I am not the system and the system is not here. I am.

it's a heart-warming, hopeful occurrence, when an employee breaks preset rules in favor of common sense. when a human asserts their own judgement, assesses a situation, and realizes no, in this instance the systemic rules are wrong. i should disobey them. and I will. 

That happened today. Admittedly, a trivial example. But still, a victory I will relish in. The men delivering my patio furniture decided that despite the order on the slip for “Front Door Drop-Off”, they would instead, seeing me, helpless with my broken leg, carry the furniture all the way to the back patio.


Even amongst the delivery guys. The younger of the two, the less experienced, the less “institutionalized”, advocated without hesitation, “she has a broken leg, she literally can't walk!”

Often in this situation the response is, “I'm sorry, I can’t. We’re on a schedule. We have so many other deliveries to do. If you wanted in house delivery, you should have requested 'in-house delivery'". And I get that. I understand the fear of your boss, losing your job. But we need to resist in these little ways. Breaking system rules must be more common in our culture.

People are concerned about AI taking over.

We already have headless-systems that we mostly are scarily obedient to, and in turn, end up directing far too much of our lives, and sadly, our interactions with each other.

But episodes such as this one today, make me hopeful.